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Frequently Asked Questions


You will see watermarks if you have not logged into an account.Log into your account and re-download the watermarked file.  Read More

Personal Library:

The personal library is one of the most useful features of this website. You can bookmark music from this library or upload music obtained from any source, and share it with friends on a perminant or temorary basis. It is included with your Premium Membership.   Read More

What music is free to download?

All music that is in the public domain and music under copyright made available to the public by the copyright owner.

Do you share our e-mail or other information with associates?

No! Your information is used internally only.

Why are there 2 search boxes?

Composer Box: Enter the name of the composer in this box.

Composition Box: Enter the name of the work you are searching for.  Read More

What is the Major Composers and Composers?

Major Composers is a library of main stream composers whose music is most commonly performed. Composers is a library of all public domain composers and their music, including Master Composers.

School Music Directory?

This is a library of music for classroom use. Includes simplified arrangements, works written for level 1,2,3, and 4 band/strings/orchestra, selected works appropriate for students, methods and teaching materials including scales and etudes.  Read More

Repertoire list?

The Repertoire list is a hand generated list of suggested music for various venues. (not a complete list) ie. Violin, String Orchestra, Trombone etc. This is not a complete list list does not contain all music in the library, just suggested music.

Printing Problems:

The .pdf's downloaded from this site work correctly, however there are circumstances where music may print off of the page. If you have problems printing from a browser, download and the .pdf, and print it from your .pdf viewer or try a different browser.  Read More

I lost my Password. How do I obtain access?

Don't lose it!! You may choose anything you like. We can send out a password reset to the e-mail you have on file is up to date.

Sharing Music:

There are 3 ways to share music from this website.  Read More